"Essentials of Process Serving"
Seminar on becoming a Process Server...

Why become a process Server?

Become independent

Set your own hours

No experience necessary to begin

Control your own flow of income

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Is process serving dangerous?
A Anytime anyone enters an unknown property there is an element of danger whether or not you are a process server or a mailman.
  Q Can a woman serve process safely?
  A Yes.  In fact women tend to be better process servers than men because the are deemed as less threatening that men and people tend to be less suspicious of a woman at their door.  When I have to serve someone who won't open their door, I'll send a woman server.
  Q Is licensing required?
  A In some states, licensing is required
  Q I am an older person, can I effectively serve papers?
  A Absolutely.  Once of the most efficient process servers I has was 80 years old.
I used him to serve friendly process on banks, hospital and corporations.
  Q How much money can I make serving papers?
  A. It depends on the volume of work in your possession and your drive.  An individual (with no help) can make anywhere from $0 to $3000.00 a week depending on your ambition, availability and volume of work.